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Pumpkin Spiced Cider

Prep time: 2 - 24 hours
Total time: 2 - 24 hours
Makes 8 - 12 Servings

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  • 2 bottles Torresella Pinot Grigio, chilled
  • 2 honey crisp apples
  • 2 pears
  • 1 orange
  • 1 Tbsp. lemon juice
  • 1⁄4 cup honey
  • 1⁄4 cup brown sugar, or more, as desired for taste
  • 1 cup Kentucky straight bourbon
  • 3 cups apple cider
  • 1⁄2 tsp. pumpkin pie spice
  • 1 bottle of ginger beer


Thinly slice apples, pears and oranges lengthwise, then place in a large bowl. Coat fruits with lemon juice to prevent browning. Add honey, brown sugar, bourbon, apple cider, pumpkin pie spice and Torresella Pinot Grigio, stirring gently while combining. Cover and refrigerate for a minimum of 2-4 hours; overnight if desired for fruit. When ready to serve, pour refrigerated mix to glassware and top with a splash of ginger beer.

Glassware: Stemless wine glass or tumbler

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