Full of taste and sparkling with possibilities, our Prosecco is ready to start a celebration or bring a touch of playful, delicious elegance to any occasion. Pair the flavorful fun of this versatile wine at any table from sunny brunches to midnight desserts.


Tasting Notes

Fresh and exquisitely balanced, straw-yellow in color, it has a delicate aroma of green apples and white flowers. The flavor is quiet but very fresh, with notes of pears, apples, and citrus. Our Prosecco Extra Dry is a true sparkling Venetian white wine as it was meant to be experienced.

Food Pairings

Like your favorite dinner guest, this wine’s company can be enjoyed throughout the meal, and finish with a sparkle alongside a selection of crisp cookies or fresh fruits for dessert.

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Technical Information

Upon pressing of the grapes and first fermentation, the base wine is transferred into pressure tanks to re-ferment with the aid of selected yeasts for 18-20 days, at a temperature of 57-60° F. When the desired pressure has been reached, the mass is chilled to 25° F to stop the fermentation and stabilize the wine. The mass is then kept at a controlled temperature of 41-44° F for at least one month to encourage natural maturation in contact with the lees. When the process is complete, the wine is filtered and bottled isobarically, without coming into contact with air.

Grapes: Glera
Production area: Municipality of Treviso and Venezia, Prosecco DOC, Italy
Alcohol level: 11.50%
Serving temperature: 46-50 °F
Recommended glass: Medium-sized, tulip-shaped glass, narrowing towards the rim
Altitude: 0-1,315 ft. above sea level
Type of soil: Shallow morainic
Vine Training system: Sylvoz and Guyot
Plant density: 1,215-1,620 vines per acre
Harvest period: First half of September
Aging potential: 1-2 years; best enjoyed as fresh as possible
Format (CL): 750 ml Bottle