How-To: Coconut Herb Garden

For this DIY coconut herb garden, you will need coconuts, potting soil, gardening tools, and fresh herbs. 

Are you looking for a fun and earthy activity to share with your gal pals? Try constructing a coconut herb garden! It’s a great way to add fresh herbs to your home. You will first divide your coconuts in half. Begin by creating a crack in the surface and following that cracked line evenly around your coconut with the appropriate cutting tool, or purchase coconut shells online. Next, completely clean out the inside of your coconut shells. Once cleaned, you can begin potting. Lay down an initial layer of potting soil, making a small dent in the center of the soil. You are now ready to start planting! Place your fresh herb into the indented soil and apply some pressure at the base of your plant to secure it. Once safely centered, you’re all done! Lightly water for a finishing touch.