DIY Leaf Art Tutorial

For this DIY Leaf Art, you will need a clear frame and a palm leaf.

This activity is a fun, easy, sustainable way to dress up your favorite spaces with some upcycled greenery. The technique you will use is called plain weave. Begin at the bottom of the palm leaf by bending the palm fronds (strips) at a 45-degree angle, one at a time. You can also fold it over the blade of a closed pair of scissors if needed. Repeat this for each palm frond, creating an over-under pattern. Ensure every strip is weaved opposite the other to create a braided design.

Next, repeat steps 1-3 to “braid” the palm fronds until you’ve reached the frond’s end. Finally, place a clear adhesive of choice to affix your palm against the inside of your frame backing. Seal the frame, and your artwork is complete.