Our Favorite Ways to Style Our 100% rPET Scarf


When it comes to style, we like to think we’re eco-chic. We care as much about the land, water and air that surrounds our winery as we do about the taste, aroma, and body of our wines. So settle into a glass knowing that every sip takes the earth into account.

We also believe that repurposing is so much more fashionable than creating waste. That’s why we’ve been releasing our collectible scarves for the past three years, made entirely from recycled materials.
This year’s scarf is made from GRS-certified rPET, polyester made only from recycled PET bottles.
It can be upcycle and used as a wine tote, headscarf, bottle wrap, or handbag accessory.
Consider it our gift to you, so you can continue living intentionally, celebrating joyously,
and finding new ways to reuse, repurpose, and recycle.

Here are a few ways to style it.